June, 2014

Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report: 29 June, 2014

Viewed from our stable perch on a boat tossing in the stormy dollar seas, the lighthouse that is gold went up 1 meter dollar. Silver went up 5 inches cents. The fireworks of last week did not recur this week. We will look at how the fundamentals of supply and demand changed this week… First, […]

Monetary Metals Silver Headfake Report: 22 June, 2014

Something extraordinary occurred this week. On Wednesday, the Fed made a routine announcement. That day, the price of silver was rising, but not out of the normal. Fireworks began on Thursday, and in 6 hours, the price of silver skyrocketed by 5%. We have never before changed the headline or format of the Supply and […]

Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report: 15 June, 2014

Measured in gold, the dollar fell about 0.4mg, to 24.36mg. In silver, the action was more dramatic, with a 60mg loss, to 1580mg silver. What happened this week? The stock market, perhaps, began to roll over. The euro was down a copper-clad zinc penny, from $1.36 last week to $1.35 on Friday. Whatever the news, […]

Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report: 8 June, 2014

It was a pretty quiet week until, BAM, the European Central Bank dropped a bomb. They lowered three of their benchmark rates, and made the deposit rate negative. I wrote an article on Forbes, contrasting what they say it will accomplish with what I think will actually happen. The prices of the monetary metals had […]

Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report: 1 June, 2014

This week was a shortened week due to Memorial Day on Monday, but those four days must have seemed eternity for silver speculators. The gold price dropped all week, but the $30 out of $41 of the fall occurred on Tuesday. The silver price dropped 40 cents on Tuesday and 17 cents on Friday, down […]