September, 2014

Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report: 28 Sep, 2014

The price of silver, as measured in fiat dollars, fell this week despite a 15-cent rally on Friday. The gold price is up three bucks. The net result is that the gold to silver ratio rose higher. On Thursday, it almost kissed 70 from the underside. This is a new high going back to June […]

A Monetary Cancer Metastasizes in Europe

The European Central Bank again cut the interest rates it controls. Notably, the deposit rate was moved deeper into negative territory. It is now -0.2% (minus 20 basis points, that is not a typo). The ECB says it’s trying to nudge prices higher, but it’s actually feeding the cancer of falling interest. The linked article […]

Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report: 21 Sep, 2014

That slow-burning fuse finally lit off the fireworks in silver. We have long been calling for a rising gold to silver ratio, which means for silver to fall in gold terms (and we are not aware of anyone else who has). On Friday, that ratio spiked over 68. The silver price is now about 456mg […]

Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report: 14 Sep, 2014

We saw one headline this week that merits comment. We have no idea if this represents sentiment among the gold bugs, but it’s interesting. The strong dollar undermines gold. We presume this refers to the price, as gold was money for thousands of years prior to the dollar and will continue to be money for […]

Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report: 7 Sep, 2014

The gold price dropped by $19, and the silver price by $0.26 this week. There was a bit of a rally on Friday, following a bad payroll report. We suppose the logic is that job creation is anemic, therefore the Fed will have to print more, therefore the money supply will increase, therefore gold and […]