December, 2014

Going All-In On a Weak Argument

In Poker, to go all in means to bet everything you have. I do not think it is an exaggeration to say that, at least so far as the mainstream audience is concerned, we gold advocates have gone all in. We have made one argument: we should adopt the gold standard, because inflation. By inflation, […]

Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report: 28 Dec, 2014

The prices of both gold and silver (as measured in dollars) fell on Monday and rose on Friday, basically unchanged on the week. Not only was there little change, and not only was it a shortened holiday week, but it was a light week in terms of trading volumes. We would be inclined to discount […]

Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report: 21 Dec, 2014

The price of gold measured in dollars fell 27 bucks and the price of silver fell about a buck. Or, as we see things, the dollar rose more than half a milligram of gold or 100mg of silver. For a picture of the supply and demand fundamentals. Read on… First, here is the graph of […]

Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report: 14 Dec, 2014

Something big happened in the oil market this week. Gold moved up 15% in terms of oil. Or did the price of oil drop 15% in gold terms? Which should be used to measure which? Here are two graphs to help picture the dilemma. The Price of Gold Measured in Oil  The Price of Oil […]

Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report: 7 Dec, 2014

The price of gold went up $25, and silver 84 cents. But that’s not the main news in the gold market. A big reversal has occurred in the fundamentals of both metals. Few people know where to look, or would understand even if they saw it. We have written before about the news cycle promoting […]

Supply and Demand Update 2 Dec

This is a brief follow up on the Supply and Demand Report of 30 November. In that report, we observed an extraordinary development in the gold market. We made several predictions, which came true almost immediately. We don’t always expect this to happen, but today we think it’s worth looking at what we said and […]