October, 2016

The Clinton-Comey Effect, Gold Report 30 October, 2016

Twice this week, the prices of the metals spiked. Once on early Monday due to a cause unclear to us. The second on Friday late morning (Arizona time) due to, get this, additional problems for Democrat Hillary Clinton. The stock market dropped at the same time that the prices of the metals surged. Call it […]

Introducing Yield Purchasing Power

The monetary debate seems artificially limited. On one side is Federal Reserve policy based on discretion. On the other is policy based on rules. It’s Keynes vs. Friedman. It’s central planning of our economy based on the reactive whims of wise monetary planners vs. central planning of our economy based on the proactive rules written […]

Wile E Coyote Gravity Report 23 October, 2016

Another week without much major price action, gold +$16 and silver +$0.12. At least if you look at the closing prices. However on Monday after New York market hours, there was quite a spike in silver. The close was $17.46. The price was up 10 cents by midnight in New York. By the morning before […]

Monetary Metals Builds Out Its Team of Professionals

New York, NY, October 20, 2016—Monetary Metals announces that it has hired three Relationship Managers. This team works to identify investors who can benefit from the Monetary Metals Gold Exponential Fund, the only fund that offers a yield on gold, paid in gold ounces. The company has set a goal of 60,000 ounces (about two […]

Sideways Silver Market, Report 16 October, 2016

Not much price action at the metals tables in the casino. Gold -$7, and silver -$0.10. Gold to silver ratio unchanged. This will be a brief report, due to the rigors of travel this week. Read on for the only true picture of the fundamentals of the monetary metals. But first, here’s the graph of […]

Partial Silver Crash, Report 9 October, 2016

On 18 September we said, “the market is in the grips of a mini silver mania (we would not dare say bubble, at least not without trigger warnings).” Since then, we have warned every week that the fundamentals of silver were lousy. Last week we said, “Buying silver right now—at least if you’re buying it […]

Deutsche Fuels Silver, Report 2 October, 2016

Last week, it was the Fed’s magic boosting up the price of silver. This week, the slow slide in the silver price resumed, going all week except during peak fear about the woes of Deutsche Bank. When it looked bleakest—and the potential size of the capital-eating fines was highest—there was a wicked little rally in […]