Basic Reports

Merry Christmas, Report 26 December, 2016

This will be a short Report, due to the Christmas and Boxing Day holidays (which is also why it is coming out on Monday evening Arizona time, a day later than our usual). We wish everyone a Merry Christmas! The price of gold moved sideways, whereas that of silver had a plunge on Friday. Below, […]

Fed Rate Hike Causes Gold Price Drop, Report 18 December, 2016

The price action was not what most of those in the gold community hoped for (or predicted). The price of gold dropped another $24 and that of silver nearly a whole dollar. The big news of course is that the Fed hiked rates another 25 basis points. So far, stock market speculators don’t seem to […]

Friction and Gravity, Report 11 December, 2016

The price action was mixed this week. Those hoping for dollar declines in gold terms were disappointed. However, silver gave them a sop as the price of the buck declined by one one-hundredth of a gram of silver. In Monetarist terms, gold went down $18 and silver up 11 cents. Monetarism, in its insistence that […]

Dang It Gold’s Supposed to Go Up! Report 4 December, 2016

We’ve gone through a succession of events and processes that were supposed to make gold go up. The following list is by no means exhaustive: Quantitative Easing Bernanke’s Helicopter Drops Janet Yellen’s Keynesianism Obama’s Deficits (US government debt is now a hair away from $20,000,000,000—and that’s just the little part of it they put on […]