November, 2017

The Cycle of Falling Interest, Gold and Silver Report 12 Nov 2017

Over the past few weeks, we have looked at the effects of falling interest rates: falling discount applied to future cash flows (and hence rising stock and bond prices), and especially falling marginal productivity of debt (MPoD). Falling MPoD means that we get less and less GDP “juice” for each new dollar of borrowing “squeeze”. […]

Intraday Price Analysis, 10 Nov 2017

In this article, we show intraday graphs of both metals for Friday’s price action and provide our analysis of the basis moves. This is the February gold contract basis plotted with price. Times are GMT. It is interesting how the basis looks like it wants to fall long before the price does. So there is […]

Jeffrey Christian Joins Monetary Metals Board of Advisors

Scottsdale, Ariz, November 7, 2017—Monetary Metals® announces that Jeffrey Christian has become an advisor to the company. Jeffrey Christian, founder and Managing Partner of CPM Group, is a commodities research, consulting, financial advisory and commodities management firm. “Jeffrey has been involved in gold on Wall Street for four decades,” said Keith Weiner, CEO of Monetary […]

Heat Death of the Economic Universe, Report 5 Nov 2017

Physicists say that the universe is expanding. However, they hotly debate (OK, pun intended as a foreshadowing device) if the rate of expansion is sufficient to overcome gravity—called escape velocity. It may seem like an arcane topic, but the consequences are dire either way. If the rate of expansion is too low, then it will […]

Intraday Price Spike and Crash Analysis, 1 and 3 Nov 2017

In this article, we show intraday graphs of both metals for Wedneday’s price spike and Friday’s price crash, and provide our analysis of the basis moves. Here is the gold intraday graph for Wednesday November 1. This is our recurrent pattern. Basis rising with price, though we read it as reluctant to fall when price […]