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Two-Factor Authentication Tutorial

Clients of Monetary Metals can watch their ounces grow, view monthly account statements, review current and past lease presentations, and purchase or sell metal, as well as other important features in their Client Portal. Monetary Metals offers Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for clients who want increased security of their Client Portal. Below is a step-by-step guide […]

The Knockout Blow to Crypto

Listen to the audio version of this article here A New Type of Fighter Bonus The UFC has started paying fan bonuses to its fighters in Bitcoin. The UFC buys crypto at a fixed dollar amount and pays their fighters a bonus in cryptocurrency. As someone who loves the UFC and monetary economics, I wanted […]

Robbie the Fire Breakdown

Dear RobbieTheFire and fans, Our CEO Keith Weiner talked about so many interesting and counterintuitive topics with Rob on Run Your Mouth that we thought it would be nice to give viewers a breakdown of their conversion and link to the articles and research covered. Zombies First, zombie corporations. Zombie corporations are essentially public companies […]

Six Reasons Why Gold is the Best Money

J.P. Morgan is famous for testifying before Congress saying “money is gold, and nothing else.” But why is gold so uniquely suited to be money? Here are our top six reasons why we think gold is the best money, and why dollars and bitcoin don’t come close. 1. Gold’s Natural Properties Gold’s physical properties make […]

How Much is the Gold Cube Worth?

Listen to the audio version of this article here. Here at Monetary Metals we love providing investors with A Yield on Gold, Paid in Gold®. So when we heard that German artist Niclas Castello designed a 186 kilogram pure 24-karat gold cube called the “Castello Cube” as an art installation in the middle of Central […]

We Need the Sound Money Virus

To listen to the audio version of this article click here.  The current economic system is unstable, unsustainable, prone to booms and busts, and like all centrally planned initiatives, creates policies which benefit some at the expense of others. It all prompts the question – how do we get back to sound money? We think […]