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Reflections Over 2023

I am writing this from home. But I spent five of the last six months of the year on the road. Most of that was overseas. In Reflections last year, I wrote about the gruelingness (yes, that’s a word coined as of right now) of it. So I won’t repeat that, but I’ll just say that companies […]

The Anti-Concepts of Money: Purchasing Power

If you’ve read the previous essays on Velocity and Money from this Anti-Concepts of Money series we can now discuss the Anti-Concept of Purchasing Power. The Anti-Concept of Purchasing Power  Let’s look at another anti-concept, purchasing power. Wikipedia defines it as:  “the amount of goods and services that can be purchased with a unit of […]

The Anti-Concepts of Money: Velocity

If you’ve read the What is Money? essay from this Anti-Concepts of Money series we can now discuss the Anti-Concept of Velocity. That pseudo-equation MV=PQ described in the What is Money? essay leads us to the anti-concept velocity.   The Anti-Concept of Velocity Even in the gold standard, money supply is not a physical object that […]

What the Heck Is Happening to Silver?!

The dollar rose this week, from 17.87mg gold to 18.24mg (that’s “gold fell from $1,740 to $1,705” in DollarSpeak), a gain of 2.1%. In silver terms, it rose from 1.61g to 1.67g (in DollarSpeak, “silver dropped from $19.24 to $18.64), or 3.7%. As always, we want to look past the market price action. Two explanations […]

Bitcoin Volatility is a Feature, Not a Bug

The following is not a prediction for bitcoin’s price in 2022. We don’t know what the price will be in the short term, and neither does anyone else. It is a look at the economics of bitcoin. First off, bitcoin is not a Ponzi scheme. A Ponzi is a fraud, in which the sponsor promises […]