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The Gold Futures Open Interest Caper: Part 2

Regular readers will know that most traders with a short position in the futures market are not “naked”. It is an easy trap to fall into, to assume that everyone else in the market is the same as the small trader: betting on the likely direction of price. But, this is not the case. The […]

The Gold Futures Open Interest Caper

In the recent Gold Basis Report, we published a graph showing the open interest in gold and silver futures (i.e. the number of contracts held at any given time). At the time of the crash and in subsequent days, the open interest number decreased only modestly in both metals. A number of people asked me […]

What is Pushing Down the Gold Price: Part II

This is a continuation of What is Pushing Down the Gold Price: Part I. One factor is the lack of rapidly rising consumer prices. If consumer prices aren’t rising, then this eliminates the need to buy gold as a hedge. Gold speculators are like everyone else. They get frustrated waiting for a rapid price gain […]

What Is Pushing Down the Gold Price?

It has been an increasingly brutal ride for gold and silver, beginning around late March and accelerating through April. The gold price was over $1600 and on Monday April 15, it fell below $1350, a loss of $250. Silver did even worse, falling from $29 to $22. We called for the gold:silver ratio to rise, […]