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U.S. Deficit / GDP

A group called “Being Liberal” posted the following graph to Facebook purporting showing how deficit as a proportion of GDP has fallen from 10% to 4%. The caption implies two things: 1) most Americans are simply ignorant if they think that there is a borrowing or debt problem 2) the deficit is falling (the caption […]

Bitcoin Crashed. Again.

When writing about economics (as opposed to trading), one does not expect to be proven right within days of publishing something. Things can take years to play out. On Monday, February 25, we published What Drives the Price of Gold and Silver? In that article, I wrote: If there is a credible rumor that the […]

Silver Perspective

As this set of infographics show, more than half of the silver mined throughout history is still in human inventories.  Be sure to keep reading and scroll to the bottom.

The Ten Minute Gold Standard

Far too many people believe that gold serves no useful purpose. I am therefore publishing this response to The 10 Minute Gold Standard: It’s Much Easier than You Think by Nathan Lewis. Mr. Lewis, a professed advocate of the gold standard, argues that even if we have a “gold standard”, we don’t need actual gold. […]