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Episode 3: The Economic Impact of COVID: Stateless vs Stateful

“Seems like things are getting back to normal.” Not exactly. Folks with that view are not looking very closely.  In this episode, Keith takes us on a journey through the forest…and the so-called economic recovery that’s currently in play. Using more than one analogy, he illustrates just how unrealistic the “nearly back to normal” expectation […]

Episode 2: One Radical Idea

After successfully selling his software company in August 2008, Keith Weiner pivoted to the study of economics in an effort to protect his assets. At first, his studies brought enlightenment about our monetary system. Then came the radical idea. In the first half of this episode, Keith and Dickson Buchanan discuss the two main problems […]

Episode 1: The Accidental Economist

How did a software dropout go on to become a successful entrepreneur…and eventually earn a PhD in economics? In this episode, Addison Quale leads CEO Keith Weiner back through his journey from software geek to economist. They discuss how Ayn Rand’s writings set the stage for understanding monetary economics, why the retirement savings advice given […]

COMING SOON: The Gold Exchange Podcast with Keith Weiner

  ***UPDATE 12/4/2020: Listen to the podcast here: The Gold Exchange Podcast with Keith Weiner ***     After receiving many requests to share his message in podcast form, CEO Keith Weiner has finally taken the plunge! We’re excited to announce the upcoming launch of The Gold Exchange, where Keith untangles market and policy complexity using […]

Why Austrian Economics Is on the Rise

Are you familiar with the GoldNewsletter podcast? They boast over 200 episodes on the topics of investment, economics, and geopolitics. This week host Fergus Hodgson interviewed Monetary Metals’ Relationship Manager Dickson Buchanan, inquiring why interest in Austrian Economics is on the rise. Hodgson stated,   My fear is that we have a cart-before-the-horse scenario.  Where people […]

Monetary Metals Leases Gold to L’Orfebre, Pays Interest on Precious Metals Investments

Scottsdale, Ariz, October 20, 2020— Monetary Metals® announces that it has leased gold to L’Orfebre, a European refinery, to increase its access to raw materials and expand production capacity. The initial lease tranche was raised off-market, and the interest rate is not yet published. Monetary Metals obtains gold and silver from investors, who earn interest […]

Gold and Alternative Investments Conference 2020

We recently posted a 2-part video chat with Kerry Stevenson & CEO Keith Weiner, related to promoting the upcoming Gold and Alternative Investments Conference coming up in November. An annual event, November’s gathering will be virtual. You can register for the event, here. Although we published an article last fall summarizing Keith’s keynote address at […]

The Dollar Cancer and the Gold Cure, Part 2

This interview between Kerry Stevenson of the GAIC & Monetary Metals CEO Keith Weiner is the followup to a recent post, The Dollar Cancer and the Gold Cure. Stevenson is the Founder of the Gold and Alternative Investments Conference coming up in November. This time around, they cover the following topics: Why consuming capital is finite […]