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Best Episodes of 2023

The Gold Exchange podcast features top guests who help untangle market complexity and offer their takes on how economic and policy changes affect global financial markets. Although we’ve had many incredible guests appear on the podcast we thought we would share our Top 5 most popular episodes of 2023! Doomberg The team behind the little […]

Albert Lu: More Pressure Means Bigger Moves

Albert Lu of Luma Financial joins the podcast to discuss market trends in gold, commodities, and more. Albert questions market optimism, gives his thoughts on how rates are impacting different sectors, and where pressure is building for potential explosive upside. Additional Resources Luma Financial Rule Classroom Passive Income in Gold Earn a yield on gold, […]

Dana Samuelson: Gold Shaking Off Headwinds

Dana Samuelson of AmerGold joins the podcast to talk about the factors affecting gold. Samuelson discusses the resilience of gold in the face of financial headwinds and highlights the potential for gold to climb higher. Samuelson also delves into the dynamics of silver, crypto, the commercial real estate market, Fed policies, and more! Additional Resources […]

Danielle DiMartino Booth: No More Zero Bound

Danielle DiMartinoBooth of Quill Intelligence is back to discuss important economic indicators and their potential impact on the financial markets. Danielle highlights concerns about the rising unemployment rate signaling a recession, why the stock market remains high, and the flight to safety trade into T-bills. Danielle also expresses skepticism about CBDCs, gives arguments for owning […]

Adrian Day: Don’t Ignore Opportunity

Adrian Day shares his insights on the economy’s resilience, the role of central banks, and the importance of considering investment opportunities beyond the US. Additional Resources Adrian Day Earn a yield on gold, paid in gold The Case for Gold Yield in Investment Portfolios Podcast Chapters [00:00:00]: Adrian Day [00:00:28]: Backstory [00:01:13]: Impact of Interest […]

Dominic Frisby: The Future of Financial Warfare

Dominic Frisby joins the podcast to discuss gold and bitcoin, the future of financial warfare, and if markets rally or wreck from here. Additional Resources Dominic Frisby The Flying Frisbee Earn a yield on gold, paid in gold The Case for Gold Yield in Investment Portfolios Podcast Chapters [00:00:00]: Dominic Frisby [00:00:27]: Market Environment [00:02:13]: […]

Jeff Clark: Battling Black Swans

Jeff Clark joins the podcast to discuss the importance of gold in a portfolio, the impact of higher interest rates, black swan events, and what to look out for in a downturn. Jeff Clark also shares insights on the unique qualities of silver, mining stocks, and how to hit paydirt! Additional Resources Jeff Clark TheGoldAdvisor.com […]