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Gwen Preston: Structural Cracks Showing

Gwen Preston, the Resource Maven, joins the podcast to discuss the impacts of hiking interest rates, growing signs of market instability, and the implications for gold and other metals. Gwen also comments on the green energy revolution, different narratives for various metals, and her advice for investors during this time. Additional Resources Resource Maven How […]

Jim Iuorio: Rolling the Monetary Dice

Jim Iuorio joins the podcast to talk about the consequences of deficient spending, how to think about assets like gold and Bitcoin, and why the Fed is rolling the dice with our monetary system. Additional Resources Jim Iuorio Keynesian Beauty Contest The Case for Gold Yield in an Investment Portfolio Podcast Chapters [00:00:00]: Jim Iuorio [00:00:45]: Market […]

Brien Lundin: Fighting the Crisis Cycle

Brien Lundin and Keith Weiner dive deep into the current state of the market, the potential impact of interest rates, and the role of central banks in our economy. What crisis will force the Fed to pivot? How will investors safeguard their wealth against the unknown unknowns in the economy? Keith and Brien discuss zombies, […]

Is Bidenomics Working?

Jeff Deist and the Debased guests express their concerns and criticisms regarding the state of the economy under Bidenomics. Warning signs such as an inverted yield curve, declining investment, and excessive government spending are hidden underneath GDP growth and lower inflation. Will Bidenomics steer the economy toward a recovery or into a recession? Connect with […]

Will Argentina have a Milei Moment?

Jeff Deist, Daniel Lacalle, and the expert panel focus on the rise of Javier Milei, a libertarian economist, running for president in Argentina. Milei is portrayed as a figure who understands the complexities of Argentina’s economic challenges and advocates for drastic measures such as dollarization and fiscal adjustments. Is Argentina about to have a Milei […]