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The Monetary Metals affiliate partnership program is an easy and attractive program where you can add evergreen revenue to your business.

Monetary Metals isn’t like other gold companies. Other companies buy and sell gold, Monetary Metals operates the Gold Yield Marketplace®, delivering a Yield on Gold, Paid in Gold® to institutions and individual investors. Our unique Gold Fixed Income products enable us to pay our affiliate partners an evergreen commission, in addition to an upfront bonus for referrals.

We offer one of the best affiliate programs in the precious metals industry. Earning interest on gold, paid in gold changes the conversation for investing in gold and silver. Becoming a partner enables you to bring this exciting new concept to your clients first, leveraging the expertise and experience of Monetary Metals’ track record.

Affiliate partners can expect to…

  • Increase share of client wallet
  • Add additional revenue streams
  • Drive greater engagement with customers
  • Earn evergreen income in gold

Become an affiliate partner, refer clients, and start getting paid in gold today!

How does the Affiliate Program work?

1. Open an account with Monetary Metals

    1. The first step is to open an account and sign the Affiliate Partnership Agreement. Once approved, Monetary Metals will provide you with an affiliate link associated with your account and marketing materials e.g. landing page.

2. Promote Monetary Metals’ Gold Fixed Income Lease Products*

    1. Drive signups to your dedicated landing page. When your referrals become Monetary Metals clients, you can begin earning evergreen payments in gold.
      • We will help you develop resources and materials to introduce Monetary Metals’ products to your audience, and increase conversion rates.

      • Invite our CEO, or another executive, for an interview to explain how it all works and the benefits of earning interest on gold.

3. Start Earning Evergreen Referral Payments in Gold

    1. You receive 0.25% of the initial deposit value of each successful referral. This is paid in gold, directly into your account. From there you can sell it for cash, or have the physical gold delivered to you (shipping rates apply), or invest it in our gold leases or gold bonds for an additional return.
      • Example: Warren Buffett reads your landing page and decides to become a client and deposit 100 ounces of gold with Monetary Metals.
        • 0.25% of 100 ounces of gold is 0.25 ounces (around $475 today) deposited directly into your account.
    2. AND you receive 0.35% of whatever is leased in their account annually, for as long as the account is active. This evergreen income is also paid in gold, directly into your account.
      • Ex: Warren Buffett puts 50 ounces into Monetary Metals’ gold leases.
        • 0.35% of 50 ounces is 0.175 ounces of gold (around $333 today), paid in gold, directly into your account. Evergreen referral payments are paid quarterly.
    3. You can keep your gold in your account (we offer free storage), sell it for cash, or put it to work in our gold leases and gold bonds, and earn a return on your gold.
      • Ex: You earned 1 ounce of gold as an affiliate and want to put it to work in a lease earning 2.5% interest.
        • With this rate, your 1 ounce of gold would earn an annual interest of 0.025 ounces, which you can choose to sell for cash, or continue to lease it and earn compounding interest with your gold!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of companies or people would make the best affiliates?

Here are a few examples of great opportunities for affiliate partnerships.

  1. Precious Metals Bullion Dealers
  2. Independent Registered Investment Advisors (RIA’s) who recommend owning gold
  3. Political or Media Personalities with a significant platform and audience
  4. Professional or Economic Personalities who discuss gold or finance

Is there a timeframe in which somebody has to become a client after using an affiliate link?

There is not. We use sophisticated marketing software and other web tools to ensure accurate tracking of which prospects came through your affiliate link and became clients. These clients are linked to you, whether they become a client on the first day, or months later.

Are affiliates welcome worldwide, or are there restricted areas?

We welcome affiliates and clients from all over the globe!

Are Monetary Metals’ Gold Bonds available for the affiliate program? 

No. Only True Gold Leases are eligible for the affiliate program.

I have other questions about Monetary Metals and the affiliate program.

Check out our FAQ page or fill out the form above to receive more information from an Affiliate Marketing Specialist at Monetary Metals. We look forward to working with you!

*The Monetary Metals Affiliate Partnership Program is only available for our True Gold Lease products. 

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