Price Prediction Scorecard

After ten years of precious metals coverage, we went back through the archives to see how well (or poorly) our price calls served as a predictor of future prices. Here are the results.   For more coverage of precious metals, including our price calls for 2022, download our Gold Outlook 2022 Report. 

Monetary Metals Gold Outlook 2021

gold outlook 2021

This is our annual analysis of the gold and silver markets. We look at the market players, dynamics, fallacies, drivers, and finally give our predictions for the prices of the metals over the coming year. Introduction Predicting the likely path of the prices of the metals in the near term is easy. Just look at […]

Yes, Virginia, There Is An Alternative, 11 November


On Monday the dollar had a ferocious rally, moving up from 15.87mg gold to 16.77mg and from 1.21g silver to 1.32g. In mainstream terms, the price of gold dropped about a hundred bucks, and the price of silver crashed $2.20. One notion we’re hearing a lot now is, “there is no alternative to stocks.” Certainly, […]

Money Answers Show: Precious Metals Amid The Pandemic


CEO Keith Weiner appeared on The Money Answers Show with host Jordan Goodman this week. They covered a variety of topics, including: Monday’s gold dive The logistics of leasing gold A dilemma facing pension fund money managers What we can expect if the complete agenda of Democrats goes into effect Enjoy the show!   Transcript […]

Monetary Metals Leases Gold to L’Orfebre, Pays Interest on Precious Metals Investments

L'Orfebre refinery

Scottsdale, Ariz, October 20, 2020— Monetary Metals® announces that it has leased gold to L’Orfebre, a European refinery, to increase its access to raw materials and expand production capacity. The initial lease tranche was raised off-market, and the interest rate is not yet published. Monetary Metals obtains gold and silver from investors, who earn interest […]

Gold and Alternative Investments Conference 2020

GAIC banner

We recently posted a 2-part video chat with Kerry Stevenson & CEO Keith Weiner, related to promoting the upcoming Gold and Alternative Investments Conference coming up in November. An annual event, November’s gathering will be virtual. You can register for the event, here. Although we published an article last fall summarizing Keith’s keynote address at […]

The Future of Gold and Money: A Roundtable Discussion

gold and money featured1

It was quite the cast of interesting characters: one of them began fighting for legal gold ownership back in 1972, one was influenced by Ronald Reagan’s unfulfilled campaign promise to return to the gold standard, and one was a long-time student of objectivism who suddenly had assets to protect. In this entertaining roundtable discussion led […]

The Dollar Cancer and the Gold Cure, Part 2

Dollar Cancer pt2

This interview between Kerry Stevenson of the GAIC & Monetary Metals CEO Keith Weiner is the followup to a recent post, The Dollar Cancer and the Gold Cure. Stevenson is the Founder of the Gold and Alternative Investments Conference coming up in November. This time around, they cover the following topics: Why consuming capital is finite […]

The Dollar Cancer and the Gold Cure

Dollar Cancer and the Gold Cure

Leading up to November’s Gold and Alternative Investments Conference, Event Founder Kerry Stevenson picked Keith Weiner’s brain on the following topics: What is fiat currency and why is it bound to fail? The decline of dollar purchasing power Money versus credit and why you need to understand the current issues What the implications are for […]

What’s the Price of Gold? It Depends.


When someone asks what the price of gold is, the answer depends on which gold market he means. In most cases, the different gold markets are close enough that the minor differences are insignificant. TV news anchors just want to know if the price is in a major trend, up or down (up). Old Uncle […]