Warren Buffett Shorts The Economy, 18 August


It must be Monday, because the price of silver skyrocketed. From $26.10, it shot up to $27.50, or +5.4%. The last time we wrote about silver was after its crash to $25. Silver is now priced 10% above that low point. But First: The Sage Does a 180 The big news in the monetary metals […]

Silver Purchasing Power or Perverse Incentives? 12 Aug

On Monday, the price of silver continued its epic skyrocket. We say this without hyperbole, this kind of price action does not happen every day. Or every year. It occurs perhaps once a decade. And the same can be said for Monetary Metals writing so many articles about silver in the span of a week! […]

Silver Supply & Demand Still Strong at $29, 11 Aug

silver plus chart

And, *bam!* Just like that, silver sells for $29. It seems so simple, so obvious, so black-and-white. Seeing the price chart in recent weeks, you wouldn’t know that silver speculators have been waiting for this moment since March, 2013 (when silver crossed the $29 line to the downside, and has not looked back until now). […]

Inflating a Silver Bubble, 5 August

Recently, we’ve been publishing updates after days when the silver price has spiked up. Now, after Tuesday’s trading action, silver trades over $26. Its price moved up over two bucks (about 8%). The long pattern since the peak price hit back in 2011 has been that a rise in price  accompanies rising abundance. That is, […]

Stay Away From Gold?!?

Forbes Senior Contributor Larry Light penned an opinion piece this week titled “Stay the Hell Away From Gold”. As you can imagine, he took a strong position on whether or not purchasing gold right now is a good idea. Spoiler Alert: he’s against it. His argument boils down to this: gold is volatile, and while […]

5 Ways Oversubscription Can Benefit Investors

oversubscription benefits

Let’s do a quick thought experiment together. Imagine you want to order ten widgets. You place your order with the highly rated Widget Providers Extraordinaire, Inc. They receive and confirm your order for ten widgets, but they only deliver five. How do you feel about that? Miffed? Stiffed? Troubled? Triggered? Now let’s imagine you want […]

Gold in a Coronavirus World

“The price of gold is rising, but that’s not the most important thing.” That’s the start of a compelling article our CEO, Keith Weiner, wrote this week about our current environment. In it, he illustrates your role – and mine! – as creditors in the ever-expanding US debt burden. Eye-opening, indeed. You can see it […]

Why Gold, And Why Now?

Why Gold Why Now header

Last spring, CEO Keith Weiner appeared in Executive Global Magazine, with the article, Why Gold, And Why Now? In it, he walks us through the growing US debt numbers and the dwindling yields of Treasury bonds – as well as their increasing risk. And explains gold as an investment. Now, four months later, it rings […]

Nevada Gold Bond Petition

Nevada has literally tons of gold income. This gold is sold, so the state can pay its dollar expenses including debt service. The problem is that this exposes the state to the risk of a falling gold price (as has been occurring since May). The expenses remain the same, but the income falls. Refinancing in […]