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Outlook for Gold 2022

Gold Outlook 2022

Last week we published our Gold Outlook 2022 Report, our annual analysis of the gold and silver markets from CEO Keith Weiner. In it, Keith explains the market players, dynamics, fallacies, and drivers for gold and silver. The report also includes analysis of Bitcoin and its effect on the gold market as well as inflation, […]

Entrepreneurship and Regulation with Per Bylund

CEO of Monetary Metals Keith Weiner interviews Professor of Entrepreneurship at Oklahoma State University Per Bylund on regulation, entrepreneurship and more. Dr. Bylund has published research in top journals on both entrepreneurship and management. He has also published in the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics and the Review of Austrian Economics. He has founded four business startups and […]

Episode 26: Gold in the Time of Coronavirus

This week’s episode of the Gold Exchange Podcast, Keith Weiner interviews independent precious metals advisor Claudio Grass. Claudio explains his sound money origin story and how the rest of the world understands gold vs Americans’ understanding. The wide ranging conversation spans everything from history, to covid lockdowns, to how societies change, to our relationship to […]

Episode 25: The Origins and Machinations of the Federal Reserve

The Origins and Machinations of the Federal Reserve

This week’s episode of the Gold Exchange Podcast explores the topic of Central Banks, most notably the US Federal Reserve. Monetary Metals’ CEO Keith Weiner explores why the Fed was created and what deleterious effects it has on our economy including inflation, boom bust cycles and monetary debasement in this recorded talk given to investment […]

Episode 24: Destructive Profit vs Productive Profit

Destructive Profit vs Productive Profit

This week’s episode of the Gold Exchange Podcast explores the idea of profits, and why it matters how you get them. Much of the financial world has confused the idea of profit with price appreciation. Or as we like to say, they confuse investment with speculation. Investment is deploying capital productively in a business for […]

Episode 23: The History Behind the Nixon Shock

The History Behind the Nixon Shock - Gold Exchange Podcast

The history of the Nixon Shock doesn’t begin in 1971, it goes all the way back to 1792. As Keith wrote about in his article, Nixon’s decision to close the gold window was the culmination of a long history of bad decisions. Decisions where government repeatedly and wrongly interfered in matters of money and credit, […]

Episode 22: Reimagining Physical Gold with Adam Trexler of Valaurum

Reimagining Physical Gold with Adam Trexler of Valaurum

Can there be innovation in physical gold? Absolutely! In our increasingly digital reality, innovation in the material world may seem a bit passé, but not to Dr. Adam Trexler, founder and President of Valaurum. Valaurum produces the Aurum® – the smallest verifiable unit of gold for investment available on the market today. Adam joined Keith […]

Episode 21: The Debt Reset

The Debt Reset

It’s the proverbial elephant in the room. Everybody knows it’s there, but nobody wants to talk about it. When it is discussed (which is rare), it’s brushed aside, made to look like it’s under control, or kicked a bit further down the road. Meanwhile, it just keeps growing. Those that do see it as a […]

Episode 20 – The Truth about the so-called Silver Squeeze

Episode 20 Gold Exchange Podcast

SILVER SQUEEZE! The precious metals blogosphere has been lit up with the #silversqueeze story. Building on the momentum of the Reddit-born retail trade warriors made famous by squeezing the shorts in GameStop, a Wall Street Silver channel was created. And silver became the next main “squeeze”… if you will. This all started in late January, […]

Episode 19 – Bonus Episode! Theory of Interest and Prices Mises Conference 2021

theory of interest and prices mises

Keith presented his Theory of Interest and Prices at the Mises’ Austrian Economics Research Conference earlier this year. Described as one of the most interesting talks of the entire event, this episode includes his fifteen-minute presentation as well as some follow-up thoughts by Keith himself at the end. In this episode, he covers: Was Milton Friedman […]