Basic Reports

That Precious Metals Rumor Mill, 30 November


We are hearing rumors this week of a shortage of the big silver bars, the thousand-ouncers. No, we don’t refer to bullion banks saying this. Nor big dealers, who are happy to sell us as many of these as we can buy. Nor our peeps in high places (we don’t claim to have any such […]

The Great Reset, 23 November


There are now two entirely different notions of a coming “reset”. One has been popular among those who speculate on the gold price. They expect a revaluation of the dollar. However, the government does not set the value of the dollar. So there is no way to reset the value. Indeed, the government has been […]

Yes, Virginia, There Is An Alternative, 11 November


On Monday the dollar had a ferocious rally, moving up from 15.87mg gold to 16.77mg and from 1.21g silver to 1.32g. In mainstream terms, the price of gold dropped about a hundred bucks, and the price of silver crashed $2.20. One notion we’re hearing a lot now is, “there is no alternative to stocks.” Certainly, […]

Recovery: GDP vs MPoD, 2 November


On Wednesday last week, the price of silver dropped from over $24.25 to just a bit over $23 before bouncing back to around $23.50. The next day, the price dropped again, briefly to around $22.60 before mostly recovering (but a dime to a quarter down). Let’s look at the graph of the price and basis […]

Why These Gold Standardites Are Wrong, 13 October

gold standard

On Friday, the price of silver went up from $24.25 to $25.20, or +4%. Let’s look at the graph of the price and basis (i.e. abundance) action. For the first part of the day, the action is from speculators, for the most part. Then around the time that the US west coast comes online, we […]

Silver Not Stimulated – 7 Oct


“I have instructed my representatives to stop negotiating until after the election when, immediately after I win, we will pass a major Stimulus Bill that focuses on hardworking Americans and Small Business” So tweeted President Trump just before 8pm (London time) Tuesday afternoon. And the price of silver, which was already down 40 cents, fell […]

Silver Falls, We’ve Got #$*&! Mail – 6 October


There was a big drop in the price of silver last Wednesday. Then the price moved up, and down, but mostly up. Let’s look at a graph of the silver price and basis showing Sep 30 through Oct 5, with intraday resolution. Let’s take a look:   It’s remarkable how the basis tracks the price, […]

Silver Rises, JP Morgan Manipulates! 29 September

silver plus chart

While the silver price was dropping recently, we published analyses here and here. At that time, we saw a basis that fell with price, but which recovered during “off” days. In short, there was not much of a decrease in abundance of the metal to the markets commensurate with the price drops. On Monday, the […]

And Silver Crashes Some More! 24 Sept

bull bear graph

A few days ago, we wrote about a big silver crash. The price dropped around 7.5%. And the basis dropped from around 2% to 0.6%. At the end, we said: “The key question is: what is the follow-through? If the price stays down and the basis goes back up, that will be a bearish signal. […]

Silver Crash! 22 September

silver crash image

On Monday, the dollar rose from 1.16 grams silver, to 1.26g. Conventional monetary thinkers believe that the dollar can be measured either in terms of the euro, pound, yuan, etc. Or in terms of consumer prices. But these are not units of measure. And that’s because consumer prices are subject to huge forces pushing them […]