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Moving from Gold-Redeemable to Irredeemable Currency

Moving from gold-redeemable to irredeemable currency

When we saw the following comment from a prominent otherwise-free-marketer, we knew it was time to write this article. “…the value of the Fed’s “liabilities”(which are so in name only) [scare quotes and parenthetic comment in original] bears only a very loose connection to the value of its assets.” This statement seems so simple. The […]

Motivated Reasoning About Silver

Motivated Reasoning About Silver - Silver Supply and Demand Report

We’re seeing the argument, again, that silver stocks are being consumed in solar panels, medical applications, and of course, electronics. This argument has a certain temptation. After all, the standard assumption is that value is inversely proportional to quantity. Purchasing power is widely believed to be 1 / N (N is number of units of […]

Basel III’s Effect on Gold and Silver

Basel III and gold safe

There is sometimes a tendency to confuse ends and means. For example, in traveling through an airport there is extensive inspection of passengers. Before you are allowed to board an airplane, you must go through a process that is intrusive and increasingly invasive. This is deemed to be security. How do we know it makes […]

Condo and Currency Collapse

Condo and Currency Collapse

On June 24, the Champlain Towers South condominium building fell, killing at least 24 people. The collapse of this building provides a surprising number of insights into the collapse of a currency. The following discussion is based on information that is emerging about the incident. Some of the particular details we cite may later prove […]

Inflation or Lockdown Whiplash?

Inflation or Lockdown Whiplash

Mainstream analysis sees rising consumer prices, and looks for a monetary cause. Also, when it sees an increase in the quantity of dollars, it looks for rising consumer prices. It is a fact that the quantity of what the mainstream calls money (i.e. the dollar) has risen at an extraordinary rate. The M0 measure has […]

What the Heck Just Happened to the Price of Gold and Silver?!

what happened to the price of gold and silver?

The price of gold (and silver) was on a tear in April and May. Then some sideways action. And then this week, thud. On Twitter, a popular meme is that the banks smashed the price by selling futures contracts, though there was no selling of gold bars. Let’s just say that if the price of […]

Resetting the Federal Debt

Resetting the Federal Debt

According to the US Treasury, the federal government owes $28.2 trillion. It crossed the “28” threshold on the last day of March. The debt was just under $25 trillion at the end of April a year ago. There’s no question it’s growing at a faster and faster pace, and now there’s the excuse of Covid […]

A Deeper Dive Into Silver

Deeper Dive into Silver Data

The prices of the metals hit their lows by the end of April. Gold traded for around $1,685, and is now over $1,900. Silver was around $24, and is now over $28. These are big moves (though of course nothing like bitcoin). Both metals are subject to the persistent belief that their prices are greatly […]

The Truth about the Silver Squeeze

Silver Squeeze

Keith wrote about the silver squeeze narrative originally here, then here, and again here. This article is his latest commentary.  Some recent videos about the silver market are generating more buzz than we have seen in a while. They make several points, but the main one is that there is a global shortage of silver. […]

Is Inflation or Deflation Coming? Part 2

inflation deflation part2

In Part One of this two-part series, we differentiated between nonmonetary forces pushing up prices as opposed to the monetary forces pushing them down. We closed with acknowledging that some will say, “Yes, but interest rates have been rising.” Indeed. Here’s a graph of the 10-year Treasury yield. Look at that big move up since […]