Basic Reports

What’s the Price of Gold? It Depends.


When someone asks what the price of gold is, the answer depends on which gold market he means. In most cases, the different gold markets are close enough that the minor differences are insignificant. TV news anchors just want to know if the price is in a major trend, up or down (up). Old Uncle […]

Warren Buffett Shorts The Economy, 18 August


It must be Monday, because the price of silver skyrocketed. From $26.10, it shot up to $27.50, or +5.4%. The last time we wrote about silver was after its crash to $25. Silver is now priced 10% above that low point. But First: The Sage Does a 180 The big news in the monetary metals […]

Silver Purchasing Power or Perverse Incentives? 12 Aug

On Monday, the price of silver continued its epic skyrocket. We say this without hyperbole, this kind of price action does not happen every day. Or every year. It occurs perhaps once a decade. And the same can be said for Monetary Metals writing so many articles about silver in the span of a week! […]

Silver Supply & Demand Still Strong at $29, 11 Aug

silver plus chart

And, *bam!* Just like that, silver sells for $29. It seems so simple, so obvious, so black-and-white. Seeing the price chart in recent weeks, you wouldn’t know that silver speculators have been waiting for this moment since March, 2013 (when silver crossed the $29 line to the downside, and has not looked back until now). […]

Silver Explodes—But Why?

The silver market witnessed another explosive day! At midnight (in London), the price of the metal was $26.90. By 9pm, it had rocketed up to $28.95, a gain of 7.6%. This is not normal. But then, we are not in a normal world. The Republicans are spending like drunken Modern Monetary Sailors. And there’s some […]

The Wealth Effect: Silver Edition

Silver has gone up a lot. In a post-interest world, one cannot earn much return by financing productive enterprise. Instead, people are forced to speculate on whatever asset bubble is inflating at the moment. Speculation is different from investment, in that the speculator’s profits come from the capital of the next investor. It’s a process […]

Inflating a Silver Bubble, 5 August

Recently, we’ve been publishing updates after days when the silver price has spiked up. Now, after Tuesday’s trading action, silver trades over $26. Its price moved up over two bucks (about 8%). The long pattern since the peak price hit back in 2011 has been that a rise in price  accompanies rising abundance. That is, […]

Silver Scarcifies, 27 July

On 23 July, we said “Well, it’s complicated.” The action on 27 July was not.     Notice the big drop in basis starting around midnight (London time). It falls from over 7% to under 2%. To refresh: Basis = Future(bid) – Spot(ask) For the first two and half hours, the spot price is not […]

One of These Silver Days is Not Like the Other, 23 July

Yesterday, the price of silver spiked about 10%. We wrote that it was driven by: “…buying of physical metal.” And we added: “This is a pretty good signal that a bull market may be returning to silver. Let’s watch the basis and price action closely and see how it develops, before we join the pack…” […]

About that Spike in the Silver Price… 22 July

The price of silver has just spiked up about $2.00—that’s about 10%. All the usual suspects have been calling for silver to skyrocket. With some amusement, we have been watching ads from a guy known for savvy junior mining stock investments, who has been calling for gold to go up for a while. And recently, […]