Introducing the gold fixed-income investment

Gold fixed-income had existed for centuries, but this asset class is now all but forgotten. Monetary Metals Treasury™ makes what was once old new again.

There is a universal desire to live on interest, not spending the principal. Fixed income meets this need, with its steady payments.

Unfortunately, the Federal Reserve has imposed a zero interest rate policy. Savers, fund managers, and retirees have a problem.

The Monetary Metals Treasury™ offers the solution. Investors who want to earn gold for the use of their gold are matched with businesses that use gold productively. This innovative gold fixed-income product is designed to reduce risk for the investor. It is tax-efficient, and compliant with applicable regulations.

Monetary Metals Closes First Gold Fixed-Income Deal at 5%

FREEDOMFEST LAS VEGAS, Nev., July 15, 2016—At FreedomFest, Monetary Metals announces that it has closed its first gold fixed-income deal, to finance the gold working inventory of Valaurum. The initial amount of gold meets Valaurum’s current needs, with room for expansion driven by its growth. The interest rate is 5 percent of the gold, paid in gold.

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If you want to put your gold to work, please let us know the interest rate that works for you.