In this report, you’ll learn:

  • Our price forecast for gold and silver in 2022

  • What makes our price model accurate

  • Why conventional precious metals analysis is wrong

  • The most important macroeconomic factors to watch out for in 2022

  • Our calls on inflation, interest rates, and the economic outlook for 2022

  • An exclusive analysis of the economics of Bitcoin and its impact

It’s our most anticipated publication of the year. Here’s what you can expect…

  • A detailed overview of our unique and proprietary framework for analyzing gold and silver markets that’s been highly accurate in predicting future price moves over the last ten years

  • All the macroeconomic conditions to watch out for in 2022. We explore inflation, interest rates, trade wars, economic nationalism, covid-19 lockdowns, lockdown whiplash effects, and green energy policies and their effects on the economy

  • An analysis of the Fed’s decision to hike interest rates, what impact to expect, and if we’re ready to change the same call we made the last time they hiked

  • A thorough look at the economics and impact of Bitcoin, what it tells us about our current investment landscape, and what its technology portends for the future

  • A review of our historic price calls for precious metals and our forecast for gold and silver prices for the year ahead

Listen to what investors say about our analysis…

“A very well-written piece. Your thinking is clearly superior to Wall Street conventional wisdom. Keep up the good work!”

“Great work! To me, yours is still the best model for the price movements (medium and long term) since the breakout of the financial crisis.”

“The education you just gave us in this report is priceless!”

“I really appreciate you looking back at last year’s predictions and assessing how you did. This is something that not many are honest enough to do, especially not the die hard goldbugs with their manipulation theories that never work…reading your research gives me a really good sense of the reasons to buy and hold gold. Thanks!”

“Thank you! Monetary Metals is the most steady lighthouse I’ve seen in seven years of reading and researching on precious metals.”

“Bring me in! I am a convert after reading this report! Thanks for the excellent research Keith. It’s a lifeline in these turbulent times!”