Gold Outlook Report featured in Newsmax, Advisor Perspectives

Newsmax Advisor Perspectives

The Gold Outlook 2022 Report is one of our most highly anticipated reports of the year. We go into how macroeconomic policies from interest rate hikes and inflation impact gold and silver prices to microeconomic factors like leveraged buyers and bank short positions. The report also addresses crypto currencies like Bitcoin and more.

Newsmax Finance, which reports business news headlines and other financial news, reported our price calls and cited our reasoning for a potential gold price spike this year. The reasoning cites the Federal Reserve’s zero interest rate policies, and the potential for a general asset price crash as some of the examples of what could cause gold and silver prices to rise.

The Newsmax article noted that “Since 2012, Monetary Metals has accurately predicted 75% of future price moves in gold and silver, and the gold-to-silver ratio, over a one-to-two-year period. The proprietary model issued a “buy” signal in 2020, and the price of gold notched a new all-time high, climbing over $2,000 per ounce later that year.” You can review our report card on our previous calls here.

Advisor Perspectives, a leading interactive publisher for Registered Investment Advisors, wealth managers, and financial advisors, published our commentary on our Gold Outlook Report noting that “If there’s a general crash in asset prices caused by higher rates, we expect gold to crash less and recover more quickly than other assets, even more pronounced than in 2008.”

For the full analysis on precious metals markets and our predictions for the year, download the Gold Outlook Report. To track our analysis throughout the year, subscribe to our Supply and Demand reports here.

If you want to listen to our Gold Outlook Podcast with CEO of Monetary Metals Keith Weiner episode you can listen to that episode below.

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