How NOT to think about Gold

Your Field Guide for navigating the gold market like a pro

The truth about gold is worth knowing

The gold market is riddled with conjectures on what drives the price of gold and silver. We at Monetary Metals have witnessed the destruction, of both wealth and health, from following false narratives.

Unfounded speculation does not serve investors, nor the gold industry. Our objective is to serve both sides of the market. We do this by providing A Yield on Gold, Paid in Gold®. And through meticulous research and analysis on the monetary metals —gold and silver.

How NOT to think about gold

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Beware the 8 most common fallacies of gold

Over a decade spent debunking false theories on gold has armed us with a sizable arsenal of misconceptions on how to think, value, understand and invest in gold and silver. From interest rate changes to the collapse of the US dollar, this guide refutes the most pervasive and distorted misinformation out there. We’ve carefully compiled and condensed this knowledge into a helpful hit list for readability and quick reference.

> Avoid costly oversimplifications like Money Supply and Inflation numbers

> Understand the right connection between interest rates and gold

> Dive deeper into the “smart” money vs “dumb” money theories

> Discover why conventional commodity analysis doesn’t work with gold

> And much more!

Read this guide and you’ll be able to spot them on your own and help friends and family to avoid them.

How not to think about gold free guide from Monetary Metals

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