True Gold Leases

With a True Gold Lease, investors who want to earn gold for the use of their gold are matched with businesses that use gold productively. This innovative gold fixed-income product is designed to reduce risk for the investor and be tax-efficient.

So how does it work?

The process begins when Monetary Metals® identifies a business that needs gold inventory or work-in-progress (e.g., a jewelry manufacturer). If it was any other commodity, the company would borrow cash to buy the necessary raw materials. However, the gold price can move more in a day than the gross profit margin on the product.

Consider a simple example. Acme Inc. borrows $1,000,000 to buy $1,000,000 worth of gold. It makes 3% gross profit, meaning the finished goods sell for $1,030,000. However, during the manufacturing process, suppose the gold price drops 5%. The raw gold is now worth $950,000. The finished product with 3% markup is $978,500, and Acme loses $21,500.

To avoid the price risk, most gold businesses would sell (short) futures contracts. This solves the price risk problem, but it brings its own costs and risks, such as having to borrow additional cash for the margin on the futures contract and constant need to roll their short futures contracts.

Acme would benefit greatly from a Monetary Metals® True Gold Lease. It simplifies their financing, eliminates price risk along with the need for hedging, and saves them money. They just need some gold, and they don’t want so many moving parts. In other words, possession of the gold without the problems of owning it. Gold Financing, Simplified™.

Monetary Metals® performs its due diligence before asking you to entrust a company with your gold. We work exclusively with companies that use gold productively–and have physical gold. We will not lease gold to be used for short selling or other derivative transactions. We work out the best type of lease to finance the business, and put together the terms of the deal.

Then it’s up to you. It’s your gold. You’re the owner. If you want to participate, then you make an interest rate offer. The business does not get your gold unless it’s willing to pay at least that rate, or higher.

Monetary Metals® facilitates the matching of investors and businesses, with a fixed fee. We don’t set the lease rate. Our vision is to create a transparent and open market, the Gold Yield Marketplace™.

Put your gold to work

If you are ready to help us prove Warren Buffett wrong and put your gold to work, then download a presentation to learn more about gold fixed income.

Before you can offer gold to lease, or even see any details of open lease opportunities, you must have gold in an escrow account at Monetary Metals®.

Opening an account is a simple process. Please call one of our Relationship Managers at +1 (646) 653-9729 or fill in our inquiry form on the right. The minimum account size is 10 ounces of gold.

Please be aware that United States federal law requires Monetary Metals® to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who controls or is the beneficial owner of an account.