Invitation: Event in NYC Sep 11

You are cordially invited to a discussion of the economy, markets, interest rates, commodities, speculation, investment, and of course the monetary metals and our unique approach to valuing them.

Here is the agenda.


1pm to 2:30pm

You cannot understand what’s happening in the markets with the conventional view. This view says that central banks print, that a currency’s value is the inverse of its quantity, the dollar will lose its reserve status, massive inflation is just around the corner, and interest rates are going to skyrocket.

Presenting a radical and new theory of money, credit, interest, prices, inflation, and currencies.

Where are we now in the cycle?

2:45 to 3:30pm

Discussion of how to understand the gold and silver markets, and how we calculate the value of the metals.

3:30 to 4:30pm

The Monetary Metals vision and roadmap. We’ll discuss a proper yield on investment vs. speculation. Also, we’ll look at paper dollar returns vs. gold returns. How do we move towards the gold standard?

4:30 to 5:00pm

We want your feedback. What do you think of investing, gold, and our vision?

Friday, September 11 at 1pm. Midtown Manhattan. RSVP here.

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  1. Greg Jaxon says:

    One person recommending Keith on LinkedIn said he “tends to be a little bit ahead of the times in a good way”. I’d concur. I’d love to hear whether there really is a safe pathway into the post-monetarist era without succumbing to the idea that “First Everything must Crash and Burn”. I’m intrigued by the syllogism that: Bad Theory, held by significant participants, must make a market inefficient; therefore there exists an arbitrage strategy to sap the profit and energy from the mistake until it corrects itself or finds the resources to honestly pay for the error of its ways.

    Unfortunately I’ve already blown my time budget for travel or I’d be there in person. Hopefully Monetary Metals will record this pitch for our later (remote) educations.

  2. jrskar says:

    I am looking forward to attending in person. Keith provides a unique, and in my opinion, very valuable perspective. Most people in the gold and silver community are operating with a faulty understanding of how everything actually works and what is actually going on. An analogy could be to the medical community when bleeding the patient was regarded as good therapy. Keith doesn’t just offer better theories, but he also has some very interesting and promising potential solutions.

  3. Sambhara says:

    I’m sorry not to be with you on Friday. I’d love to hear what transpires. I hope (and expect) that it will go well. Perhaps I’ll see you next time.

    Best wishes,

    Norfolk, UK

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