Is Now a Good Time to Buy Gold? Market Report 16 March Part Two

In Part One, we laid out the general case for owning gold and silver, and the specifics of our current macroeconomic environment. In other words, people attempt to use the government’s debt paper as if it were money, but no one should be 100% all-in to this paper. And right now, the Fed is embarking [...]

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  1. Jeremy says:

    An extremely interesting article although if you want silver coins (i.e. money) it looks like the dealers are not lowering their prices by much despite the huge fall in the spot market and there are long shipping delays…

  2. Gregory says:

    Your charts are equivocal about whether silver is a good buy: the gold:silver fundamental suggests silver may continue to fall faster than gold. If it is true that silver was a preferred store of value in Asian markets, their earlier shutdown may be driving that metal to lower bidders in preference to less-widely-held gold. Will rotation of the pain front turn this trend around? That seems unlikely given that industrial shutdowns should affect silver more than gold in all cases. For the foreseeable future cash-on-hand is going to be king, It isn’t yet clear how that pattern will break, but I’m convinced that supply line billings (classical money market) may soon be the only monetizable paper left standing.

    • Jeremy says:

      “For the foreseeable future cash-on-hand is going to be king” ……unless the filthy dirty reality of virus contaminated cash-in-hand becomes widely known. Cleanliness is close to Godliness!

  3. John says:

    Thanks….. So many good guys have suffered at the hands of precious metals. We need balanced and meaningful commentary on price action in both gold and silver. Hopefully many will benefit from your hard work and insight. My hope is they just don’t ignore the complex reality of the precious metals and believe that it’s going to the moon at any moment.This results in them being yet another sacrificial lamb.

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