Keith Weiner on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel

Jay Taylor

CEO Keith Weiner returns to popular radio show Turning Hard Times into Good Times hosted by Jay Taylor. Jay argues that the U.S. government hates gold because its rising price shines the light on the destruction of the dollar caused by the Federal Reserve’s printing press used to finance massive government deficits.

The detractors of gold have long suggested that owning gold doesn’t make sense because it doesn’t pay interest. Keith and Jay discuss why critics can’t say that any longer because Monetary Metals now pays interest rates to small and large investors alike at rates that compete with U.S. Treasury rates. With interest paid in gold, not increasingly worthless dollars, a Gold Fixed Income now competes with dollar fixed income returns.

Keith explains how leasing or lending your gold brings yields comparable to U.S. Treasuries while avoiding purchasing power losses inherent in owning U.S. Treasuries. Keith also discusses his macro-economic views and how current events should impact the price of gold into the future.

Gold Fixed Income Offerings

Monetary Metals offers gold owners a way to earn a return on their precious metals in ounces of more gold and silver. Gold Fixed Income is a great way for investors to diversify their gold investments and earn interest denominated in ounces, not dollars.

The conventional investment world of paper assets has its version of fixed income, but it suffers from low to even negative yields and ceaseless depreciation. With a Monetary Metals True Gold Lease or Gold Bond, investors can earn an honest return in honest money.

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Additional Resources for Earning Interest on Gold

If you’d like to learn more about how to earn interest on gold with Monetary Metals, check out the following resources:

The New Way to Hold Gold

The New Way to Hold Gold

In this paper we look at how conventional gold holdings stack up to Monetary Metals Investments, which offer a Yield on Gold, Paid in Gold®. We compare retail coins, vault storage, the popular ETF – GLD, and mining stocks against Monetary Metals’ True Gold Leases.





Case for Gold Yield in Investment Portfolios

The Case for Gold Yield in Investment Portfolios

Adding gold to a diversified portfolio of assets reduces volatility and increases returns. But how much and what about the ongoing costs? What changes when gold pays a yield? This paper answers those questions using data going back to 1972.




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