Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report: June 30, 2013

The Gold Basis Report is fundamental analysis of gold and silver. The basis is a measure of availability of metal to the market. When the basis is high and rising, then metal is abundant. When the basis falls below zero, and the cobasis rises above zero (gold goes into backwardation) then that means danger (and [...]

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  1. thinkpeace says:

    Keith, are you buying the dips? I like how you added China to the, “If something precipitous occurs” statement. I would love to hear more about the end-game, like when one can’t buy physical gold with FRNs. Enjoy the week!

    • Keith Weiner says:

      thinkpeace: did you read my article When Gold Backwardation Becomes Permanent? And the followup Using Gold Bonds to Avert Financial Arrmageddon?

    • Keith Weiner says:

      pobendorf: the true meaning of “world’s reserve currency” is not simply that commodities are priced in gold or that when Korea sells something to Spain the transaction is conducted in dollars.

      It means that the dollar is on both sides of every major balance sheet in the world.

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