Keith Weiner Gets Interviewed

Keith Weiner - Swiss Franc Will Collapse

Our economic views and unique product are generating buzz. There have been a number of interviews recently (more will be posted soon).

Lobo Tiggre interviewed Keith Weiner (video) about the unique Monetary Metals business model to pay interest on gold.

Silver Bullion interviewed Keith Weiner (video) when he visited Singapore, about the belief that Basel III regulations are good for the price of gold.

Claudio Grass interviewed Keith Weiner in Pro Aurum Newsroom (written) about macroeconomics.

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  1. dclinde says:

    Keith, Thanks for more excellent content, that is both cautionary and proscriptive for the individual investor. You also make the important point that a gold standard is honest and pro-saver. Another important feature of a gold standard is that it resists inflation and deflation. The uncertainty that these forces create make for huge frictions in the current monetary system and is possibly a topic for you to write about in the future.

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