CEO Keith Weiner Quoted in Barron’s


Published February 2nd, CEO Keith Weiner’s commentary was featured in a Barron’s article discussing “Why Silver is Outperforming Gold” written by Myra Saefong.

Monetary vs Industrial Metals

Keith discusses how silver remains a monetary metal, unlike industrial metals like steel or copper.

“…silver’s price correlates with gold’s better than with copper—and gold and silver are “telling a story of monetary decline.”

Monetary Metals vs Monetary Debasement

Keith also discusses the inverse relationship between the value of US dollars and gold and silver.

“The path of silver is higher because the U.S. dollar will continue to lose value. The prices of monetary metals are inverse to the dollar.”

Monetary Metals vs the DXY

Saefong notes that the dollar index has continued to drop in the past months while the monetary metals, gold and silver, continue to shine.

“Over the past three months, both gold and silver gained while the ICE U.S. Dollar index, a benchmark for the international value of the dollar, lost over 8%.”

To understand how the dollar index and gold prices are correlated we highly recommend watching our podcasts with Brent Johnson, explaining the Dollar Milkshake Theory and his discussion of whether or not the DXY will continue to fall.

Barron’s Article

The full article in Barron’s discusses what experts in precious metals and global macroeconomics think of silver’s recent performance, and if it spells good news or trouble ahead for investors and the broader global economy. Readers who would like the read the full article can view it here.

Additional Resources for Earning Interest on Gold

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The New Way to Hold Gold

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