Monetary Metals Hires Bron Suchecki

Scottsdale, AZ—Monetary Metals is pleased to announce that it has hired Bron Suchecki as Vice President, Operations. Bron will help the company develop new products and processes.

“We are excited to be able to attract someone of Bron’s caliber. We are growing to serve many customer opportunities, and Bron is a key part of our team,” said Keith Weiner, the CEO.

Bron leaves a management position at the Perth Mint, where he has become widely known over 20 years there. His areas of expertise include the physical side of the bullion business, risk management, and market analysis.

Bron will help the company grow its fund and market letter business, and develop additional products as part of the Monetary Metals vision.

About Monetary Metals
Monetary Metals is the leading company in gold investments, offering investors a gold yield on their gold. The company also publishes much of its groundbreaking proprietary research, to help the investment community better understand gold and its emerging role.

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  1. Andrew S Carter says:

    Truly excellent news for all concerned, for your readership, and for the cause of rational analysis in an increasingly irrational world

    sincere best regards

  2. rowingboat says:

    All the best with it, Bron. I trust you will still post regularly as your market insights are always much appreciated. This is a great match, fitting end to a good week.

  3. coastalcruiser says:

    First question for Bron: How safe is it for Americans to invest in Australian gold mines?

    One key aspect to the question is how likely is it that Australia will nationalize its gold mines at the point it becomes clear that all nations must back its currency with, as ‘Watto’ would say, “something more real”.

    ZeroHedge just reported that Canada has liquidated 1/2 its gold reserves. So the concern is that Canada will nationalize the mines to quickly recover reserves when needed. Where would you say Australia is on the scale of risk in this area?


    • bronsuchecki says:

      I covered the topic of gold confiscation in an Australian context way back in 2008 here and much of that analysis applies to the risk of mine nationalisation. Western Australia, with most of the gold mines and an operating refinery and mint is likely to seceed if the Federal government tried to confiscate what would be considered “their” gold to prop up the eastern states.

      In any case, Australia’s economic metrics, while trending downwards, are in better shape than those of the US, so less risk at this time.

  4. sreed says:

    Thank you Keith,
    It’s a pleasure reading your analysis of events, and your no nonsense view of the precious metal markets. Have you studied Platinum? Perhaps you would include your perspective.

    I believe gold, silver, and platinum could become highly valued hard assets as a store of wealth in a $6 trillion NIRP environment, better than cash, but obviously not without risks. Platinum has a scarcity advantage, large and meaningful, if, and only if, it gains traction as a genuine store of value in an uncertain world. Your thoughts?

    Keep up the good work! Our day will come, at last, if the “crik don’t rise”.


  5. SilverFTW says:

    Nonsense.. this guy Bron is the guy is a hired gun from the cartel to keep you in FUD about the certainty of owning PM over fiat….

  6. bbartlow says:

    Good luck to you both. IMO, need to make website more robust to keep readers here longer. That would be a most important first step. As it stands, visitors stay on the site about 30 seconds (according to the stats) so you’ll need to double and triple that number… and get visitors to come back more often. Only then will you have a reliable audience for whatever products/services you intend to provide.

    BTW: Asking subscribers to a general email list to disclose highly personal financial information is not the tactic I would use.

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