Monetary Metals Leases Gold to Valaurum at 4.75%

Manufacturer of the Aurum® gold currency accelerates with a Monetary Metals lease

Scottsdale, Ariz, January 8, 2018—Monetary Metals announces that Valaurum has leased gold at 4.75% interest. This deal renews and grows a previous lease from Monetary Metals. The metal is used in the manufacturing process for Valaurum’s Aurum® physical gold currency unit. A metal lease enables the company to redeploy capital towards accelerating business growth.

Monetary Metals obtains gold and silver from investors, who earn a return on their metal rather than pay to store it. The interest comes from placing the metal with qualified companies who pay to use it. They typically need it for inventory or work-in-progress.

In Monetary Metals’ innovative process, each investor decides how much gold to offer, and the minimum acceptable rate. The deal closes at the lowest rate that provides enough metal to meet the business need, and all investors in the deal are paid that rate. The offers and cleared rate are shown in this graph for the Valaurum gold lease.

“Leasing gold to Valaurum is a win-win deal, paying interest to investors and providing affordable financing to an innovative company,” said Keith Weiner, CEO of Monetary Metals. He added, “The financing was about 450% oversubscribed, showing that there is robust demand for this deal.”

“Monetary Metals is a strategic partnership for us. Their innovative financing helps us grow, with a unique user-friendly and low-cost finance solution,” said Adam Trexler, CEO of Valaurum.

About Monetary Metals

Monetary Metals® is Unlocking the Productivity of Gold® by offering a Yield on Gold, Paid in Gold® to investors, and Gold Financing, Simplified™ to gold-using businesses. The company manages the Gold Exponential Fund™, which provides a way for investors to own gold and earn a yield, by trading between gold and silver. Monetary Metals publishes groundbreaking research to help investors understand the emerging role of gold as the ultimate measure of wealth, including the MM GOFO™ gold forward rate.

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About Valaurum

Valaurum, Inc. was created to make precious metal ownership and investment available to all people. Its primary product is the Aurum®, a thin layer of gold or other precious metal sandwiched between layers of protective polyester.

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