Monetary Metals Proves Marketplace for Gold Yield with Valaurum Gold Lease

Monetary Metals Proves Marketplace for Gold Yield with Valaurum Gold Lease

Scottsdale, Ariz – November 16, 2021 – Monetary Metals is pleased to announce a new gold lease to Valaurum to expand production of the Aurum®, their physical gold currency product. The lease size has grown by 800%.

Example of Aurum®

Example of the Aurum®. Investors in the Monetary Metals gold lease are earning 2.25% interest on gold to finance production of the Aurum®, Valaurum’s physical gold currency product.

“We’re thrilled to get a new gold lease with Monetary Metals to scale up our operations, and at a significantly lower rate than we were expecting. We’re very pleased with the results,” said Adam Trexler, Founder and CEO of Valaurum. Valaurum has been leasing gold from Monetary Metals since 2016.

Monetary Metals’ investors were also pleased with the interest rate in the gold lease.

“I knew this was going to be a competitive deal and I was keen to get my gold in the lease working for me. I participated in the rate setting auction, which cleared at 2.25%. That’s an attractive interest rate for my gold given Valaurum’s history with Monetary Metals,” said Brent McDermott, an investor in the lease.

“I can earn 0.55% interest in dollars in a one-year CD, or I can earn a constant 2.25% interest in gold with Monetary Metals – without fluctuations. I’m choosing Monetary Metals,” said Russell Hirschman, another investor.

CEO of Monetary Metals, Keith Weiner commented, “This lease demonstrates the value and vitality of our marketplace. It’s all about structuring win-win-win deals between those who want to earn interest on gold, and companies that use gold. That’s exactly what we did here.”

About Monetary Metals

Monetary Metals® is Unlocking the Productivity of Gold™ by offering a Yield on Gold, Paid in Gold® to investors, and Gold Financing, Simplified™ to gold-using businesses (mints, miners, refiners, jewelers, etc.). In addition, the company’s market analysis and proprietary charts, including the gold forward rate, are utilized by gold investors and gold-using businesses globally. The company’s content is widely syndicated on gold, alternative investing, and mainstream sites.


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About Valaurum

Valaurum is democratizing physical gold ownership. Using proprietary nanotechnology, Valaurum offers the Aurum®, the smallest verifiable unit of gold for investment available on the market today. Lightweight and easily storable, Aurum® are manufactured using cutting edge, proprietary technology for a product that modernizes the precious metal investment.


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