Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report: 11 Jan, 2015

The price of gold ripped $35, and silver 75 cents. Some are beginning to say that this is the long-awaited breakout. Technical charts are perking up. Hope is growing faster than the prices. Is this it? Read on, for a picture of the supply and fundamentals… First, here is the graph of the metals’ prices. [...]

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  1. Music says:

    Thanks Keith. I have a question please: with LBMA about to stop publishing GOFO rates, where can I go to get info on backwardation, other than through your report of course – I like to look daily to help with my positioning. Thanks!

  2. says:

    Hi Keith

    Thanks for your weekly report and I found the Oil S&D very interesting as well. I live in Vancouver and I receive your report at Sunday 22h00 PT. Based on what time’s data do you present your report. I want to make sure I am not trading on too old information, as the gold market opens at 15h00 PT on a Sunday.


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