Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report: 12 Oct, 2014

The dollar dropped this week. The dollar index fell from 86.69 to 85.91. Of course, this is largely driven by the change in the dollar value in euros, as the euro makes up about 58% of the index. The dollar went from €79.88 to €79.19, or just about -1%. If you’re not an American, don’t [...]

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  1. Max Myers says:

    This is like brain training. I always have to beat into my head to stop thinking of value, or net worth in dollar or RMB terms (my 2 most commonly used currencies), instead to think in weights.

    I love this:

    Dollar thinkers will say that gold went up from $1,191 to $1,223 and silver went up from $16.82 to $17.37. We beg to differ that gold goes anywhere, though we agree silver went up slightly from .0141oz gold to 0.0142oz.”

    Very proper.

    • Keith Weiner says:

      Thanks for your comment Max.

      It’s a paradigm shift. Explaining a paradigm shift (once you have really though it through) is pretty easy and can be done in a paragraph. What’s hard is for others to really get their heads around it.

      I saw the same thing with my first company, DiamondWare, and our 3D voice technology. “So it’s a conference bridge.” That is a lot like “So gold is going up.”

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