Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report: 14 Dec, 2014

Something big happened in the oil market this week. Gold moved up 15% in terms of oil. Or did the price of oil drop 15% in gold terms? Which should be used to measure which? Here are two graphs to help picture the dilemma. The Price of Gold Measured in Oil  The Price of Oil [...]

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  1. bvigorda says:

    Keith, as always, thanks for your commentary. I wonder if you’d be able to leave out the large quotations marks in the future? I have trouble reading the text they cover and I know other readers of yours have said the same in previous comment sections so it’s not just me. Thank you!!

  2. Freeman says:

    Keith – I just finished reading some of Charles Savoie’s work about the Pilgrims and their war on monetary silver – seems as though us PM bugs have quite a mountain to climb! True price discovery appears to be very elusive and getting more so. How many sources of bids and offers do you consider in your analysis? Do massive trades b/t dark pools taint the data? Have the CB’s and affilates essentially cornered the market already?

    Thank you for the education you are providing.

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