Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report: 14 June, 2015

The price of gold was up $9 this week, while the price of silver dropped 16 cents. This means the gold to silver ratio (a measure of how expensive gold is in silver terms) rose 1.3 points or almost 1.8%. This is a picture of credit contraction writ small. Well, it’s small so far. Since [...]

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  1. DavidW says:

    Thanks Keith
    Are you aware of the proposed ABX exchange that Andrew Maguire is working on where you would be able to short XAU and Long AAU. AAU being 100% allocated gold. Playing this pairs trade would cause the POG to go down whilst causing sudden and deep backwardation. Do you agree?

  2. jham says:

    The good news is that it’s currently within 60 cents of the market price. The bad news is that it’s still below.

    Dear Keith,

    Are Good and Bad dollar parlance terms? 😉 I am paying attention to your data. thank you for doing it. and the commentary.

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