Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report: 14 Sep, 2014

We saw one headline this week that merits comment. We have no idea if this represents sentiment among the gold bugs, but it’s interesting. The strong dollar undermines gold. We presume this refers to the price, as gold was money for thousands of years prior to the dollar and will continue to be money for [...]

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  1. drdavis2 says:

    iShares reports its SLV “Silver Bar List” with “Total Bullion Weightlist” here,

    As of Friday, Sept. 12, the total is 336,133,727.7 troy oz., up from 334,646,546.5 oz.
    on Sept. 10 & 11, 333,207,959.8 oz. on Sept. 5, and a recent low of 321,837,128.6 oz.
    on Aug. 5.

    I don’t know how Sharelynx could show a recent 339 million oz. (shown in its graph above).

    From its inception in April 2006, iShares reported daily historical SLV metal holdings,
    but this reporting ended about about April 1, 2014, when iShares re-designed its
    Website. It claims to be working to restore this historical record. Meanwhile,
    one can get daily holdings at the above link. The file is large, nearly 800 kB, so it
    is not a quick download for some of us.

  2. Der Kratz says:

    Certainly some motivation for complaints of manipulation causing lower prices is due to having one’s physical holdings artificially devalued in currency terms, the breakdown of rule of law, and the loss of an equitable price discovery mechanism that can be trusted. If one does have serious concerns about the long term viability of a fiat currency regime, it is true that that new bullion accumulations at lower currency valuation should be welcomed, but that does not mean that seriously suspect market function should not be decried.

    All in all, Monetary Metals provides unique and fascinating analysis – a tremendous resource! Best regards.

  3. Max Myers says:

    Great great article. Very useful education. This is a fantastic compilation of market data that would take us amateurs a long time to find, analyze and even realize we need to consider.

  4. [email protected] says:

    339 million ounces of physical silver being held by SLV ?
    10m kilos
    10,000 tons. I cannot imagine that much silver
    Are you saying that there are 10,000 tons sitting in storage by SLV and could come onto the market,in part at least.?


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