Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report: 19 Oct, 2014

We want to share a thought that has been implicit in many statements in this Report over the last two years. There is no direct or linear connection between the price of gold (or silver) and what we see reported as macroeconomic data, gold mining data, Indian or Chinese imports, jewelry, etc. By the official [...]

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  1. rabobank says:

    You should know well that Comex are trading “papers gold”(like some dilutable shares) rather than real Gold. Comex have too little delivery activities.

    Recommend you to analyse Shanghai Gold Exchange board

  2. Keith Weiner says:

    Thanks for your comments.

    Rabo: From your comment, I am guessing you think that COMEX is manipulated by a conspiracy. I have written many articles debunking different aspects of this. I would encourage you to go to one of our first videos, of my appearance on Capital Account with Lauren Lyster as well as scroll back through the articles.

    The very point of the basis theory is to look at the spread between futures and spot.

  3. MetalsD says:

    Oh also, do you keep an eye on the registered supplies of gold and silver on the COMEX? Gold seems to have been diving substantially, the massive supplies you talk of above don’t seem to be appearing there? Do you see those levels increasing with lower/higher price?

    Granted the silver inventories have been rising, in line with your observations on it being more plentiful, will be interesting to see how this plays out.


  4. cbarton says:

    Keith, if I may suggest, scrolling and looking is often more time consuming than people happen to have time, and also, not everyone is as efficient at searching as they could be. It would be tremendous if you could insert links when you refer us back to some article or video. Thanks.

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