Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report: 20 July, 2014

On Thursday, a Ukrainian rebel and/or Russian shot down a Malaysian airline. The price of gold shot up, and the price of silver spiked even more. Were we of a conspiratorial mindset, we would say it was suspicious. We would post a graph of the silver price, labeled with the precise timing of the news. [...]

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  1. rutz007 says:

    Looking at the 12 month forward GOFO rate of 17 basis points it seems amazing to me that anyone would consider selling physical for an annual return of .17%
    Isn’t this longer term view more representative of the hoarding in the gold market vs the supposed “risk free” rate on the 10yr of 2.5% ?
    Are you able to tell me if 17 basis on the 12 month forward is normal relative to history ?

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