Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report: 21 June, 2015

The Fed made an announcement on Wednesday. Moderate consumer spending growth and improving housing sector balanced against soft business investment and exports. Prices are rising, but not as much as the Fed would like. The announcement roiled the markets. Here’s a graph of the 10-year Treasury yield and the S&P Futures up to and after [...]

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  1. arionov says:

    Hello, I wonder what is the reality between the real price and the price in the market are complet differant. The world demand is the highest and the prices(prizes) is at the lowest. we can conclude that market is forged price or is two different market. I do not understand. THX

    • Keith Weiner says:

      arinov: The “price in the market” is the “real price”. One can buy at the price in the market, or at a premium based on the product. For example, a 1oz coin may trade $50 above the quoted price but coins have a fairly consistent spread.

  2. GeneMcm says:


    How far back can you construct the gold to silver price ratio? When I did gold to oil, I went back to 1903, but a lot of that was fixed values.

    If you do a weekly comparison, for maybe ten years, that would only be 520 data points; if you did a monthly comparison for say 50 years, that would only be 600 data points. Either would be a snap for EXCEL to process, plot, calculate an average and standard deviation.

    Gene McManus PhD

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