Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report: 29 Sep, 2013

The “No Taper” announcement has been long forgotten, another flash in the pan like most Fed announcements and non-announcements before it. Leveraged speculators jump in, based on the Quantity Theory of Money. If the announcement seems to imply more money “printing” (it’s really borrowing), then prices “should” go up. And the speculators aggressively meet their [...]

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  1. Thefroggydude says:

    This tells me that there is still confidence in paper gold (the promise by someone else to return my lent gold at some point in the future) and that counter party risk is perceived to be low. By extension, confidence in fiat currency (USD) is still high and rising at the moment. Is this a fair interpretation of your analysis or do I have this all wrong?

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