Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report: 4 May, 2014

This week again, the prices of the metals were sagging. Until the unemployment data hit. Then the prices began to rise. On the week, the gold price was down $4 and the silver price was down 25 cents. Was it hoarders all round the world, this time, watching the news? Were they sitting in their [...]

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  1. johnchew says:

    Dear Keith,

    In other words, the rising cobasis in solver indicated good fundamental demand by “hoarders” near the lows of last week. Buying the dip but not chasing the rally.

  2. Keith Weiner says:

    Today (Monday) is a bank holiday in the UK. With the reduced liquidity, we won’t count the basis data from today as part of our permanent basis record.

    That said, the silver basis is considerably higher than it was on Friday, and the cobasis is down.

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