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Franklin Sanders A.K.A. The Moneychanger, dedicated the July issue of the Moneychanger to speaking with the top individuals and businesses working to incentivize gold and silver circulation. Sanders interviewed CEO of Monetary Metals, Keith Weiner who explained why driving interest rates to zero gives even more importance to gold leases and gold bonds.

“Gold loans change the equation on the producer side. They are seeking gold income for the first time. On the investor side, they have a gold income from the interest. This begins the process of gold actually being used as a tender for payments. Now if people want to buy things with gold, it’s because gold is their income.”

What about other gold bond ideas for states to get out of their dollar debt holes? Keith recommends governments start offering gold bonds to compete with dollar bonds:

“We have inflation. The Fed is depreciating the dollar. Nobody knows how much or how fast and it gyrates up and down, but everyone knows the dollar’s long-term trend is down, but gold’s is not. So, if you have that choice, you would choose the gold bond.”

Franklin has graciously made the interview available to Monetary Metals subscribers. You can download the July issue here: July 2022 Issue of the Moneychanger

For more information on how to get involved earning interest on gold and silver with a Monetary Metals lease or bond click here. Read more about our historic gold bond here, and listen to our discussion with Mickey Fulp here.

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