How It Works

HOW IT WORKS: When to Hold Gold and Silver

  • Gold to silver ratio: the number of silver ounces to buy one of gold
    • Price of gold divided by silver
  • Rising ratio: gold outperformance
  • Falling: silver outperformance
  • Own silver when it outperforms and gold at all other times

HOW IT WORKS: When to Trade

  • Determined by a proprietary predictive model
  • Signals meaningful movements in the gold to silver ratio
  • Indications based on spreads, not price or momentum charts

  The Fund strictly adheres to the model’s signals

HOW IT WORKS: Key Features

  • The Fund does not use futures, options or any other derivative instruments
    • However, it may borrow physical metal to provide modest leverage
  • The Fund does not rely on banks for storage or trading activities
  • Investors can subscribe by contributing dollars or gold bullion
    • If you have gold, using it avoids fees and capital gains tax
  • Investors have the right to redeem in gold or dollars
    • Redemption in gold includes the right to take delivery