The Fund

A Primer

THE FUND: Executive Summary

The Gold Exponential Fund is a managed, private investment created to meet the needs of sophisticated investors looking to put their gold to work. It vaults investors’ metal outside the banking system to avoid counterparty risk.

The Fund’s objective is to compound investors’ physical gold by trading it for silver when silver is outperforming gold and converting the silver back to gold at other times. This yield on gold is generated without the use of futures, options, or derivatives, though the Fund may judiciously use leverage via leased metal to enhance its returns. Ultimately, the Fund seeks to increase the amount of gold each investor owns.

The trading mechanics for compounding gold are simple, but knowing when to execute the trades is not. Conventional “trend following” (or “momentum investing”) analyzes historical price action to predict the next move but often misses significant price reversals. This limitation led Monetary Metals founder Dr. Keith Weiner to develop a proprietary measure of value based on the fundamentals of supply and demand. Unlike technical analysis, the Fund’s fundamental analysis aims at capturing value, not momentum. In essence, the Fund seeks to own whichever metal, gold or silver, is more undervalued.

The Gold Exponential Fund is offered to accredited investors only.

THE FUND: The Gold Exponential Fund

  • Fund benefits
    • Trading program using both monetary metals: gold and silver
    • Always backed by physical metal
    • No counterparty exposure
    • Fully insured
    • Enjoys institutional pricing on its transactions
    • No geology, supply chain, labor, floods, or business operations risk
  • When you accumulate more gold, you have more wealth
    • If you have more dollars, you do not necessarily have more wealth