Monetary Metals CEO Keith Weiner Interviewed on RealVision

Keith Weiner and Mike Green RealVision

CEO of Monetary Metals Keith Weiner sat down with Michael Green of RealVision to discuss how Monetary Metals increases gold’s value proposition by paying interest on gold and silver holdings and the inevitable debasement of fiat currencies. Keith and Mike discuss the inherent volatility of Bitcoin, Costco’s ability to maintain its price point, and the colossal meltdown of the Terra stablecoin.

In addition to exploring all things gold, Keith and Mike get into the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes and their effect on the broader economy. Last but certainly not least, they discuss the dynamics of the dollar’s endgame.

“The dollar is only good so long as the Fed is solvent, but if that condition fails to be true, the U.S. dollar could one day go the way of the Zimbabwean dollar or the Venezuelan bolivar.” 

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The New Way to Hold Gold

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