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Jim Iuorio: Rolling the Monetary Dice

Jim Iuorio: Rolling the Monetary Dice

Jim Iuorio joins the podcast to talk about the consequences of deficient spending, how to think about assets like gold and Bitcoin, and why the Fed is rolling the dice with our monetary system. Additional Resources Jim Iuorio Keynesian Beauty Contest The Case for Gold Yield in an Investment Portfolio Podcast Chapters [00:00:00]: Jim Iuorio [00:00:45]: Market […]

Monetary Metals Wins Analysis Award

Best News and Analysis Provider

Bullion.Directory recently concluded voting for it’s annual Bullion Dealer of the Year Awards, with categories like Best Coin & Numismatics Company and Best Gold E-Commerce Company. This year, Monetary Metals was included in the  “Best News and Analysis Provider” shortlist and then voted into the finals. And the Winner Is… We are pleased to announce […]

How we think about gold and silver

Gold Supply and Demand

When it comes to analyzing precious metals, the right methodology isn’t immediately obvious. Fundamental analysis in stocks and bonds is well understood. One can discount cash flows, examine the balance sheet, review the income statement, look at growth prospects and arrive at a fundamental value for the company. And there is a sophisticated ratings system […]

Technical vs. Fundamental, Report 19 Mar, 2017

Every week we talk about the supply and demand fundamentals. We were surprised to see an article about us this week. The writer thought that our technical analysis cannot see what’s going on in the market. We don’t want to fight with people, we prefer to focus on ideas. So let’s compare and contrast ordinary […]

Murphy’s Law of Gold Analysis, Report 3 Jan, 2016

Technical Analysis

Perhaps it may be lesser known than his other Laws, but Murphy wrote one for the basis analysis. It goes like this. If we observe that the fundamental price of a metal is far removed from the market price, the two won’t likely converge the next week. On the other hand, suppose we say this […]

Introduction to the Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report

Supply and Demand Report

The Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report is the only accurate picture of the fundamentals of the gold and silver markets. We released a video that presents some of these ideas in an engaging format. We provide a weekly letter based on data and analysis of the monetary metals: gold and silver. This article is […]