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Jp Cortez: Ranking States on Sound Money

Jp Cortez: Ranking States on Sound Money

Jp Cortez from the Sound Money Defense League discusses the importance of sound money and the efforts to promote its use. Jp ranks the various states, highlighting bipartisan support for honest money, and the battles to eliminate taxes on gold and silver. Where does your state fall? Follow Jp on Twitter @JpCortez27 Connect with Keith […]

Arizona Considers Issuing a Gold Bond

The Arizona House of Representatives has convened an Ad Hoc Committee on Gold Bonds. The purpose is to explore if and how the state could sell a gold bond. This is an exciting development, as the issuance of a gold bond would be a major step towards a working gold standard. Yours truly is a […]

Arizona Governor Ducey Vetoes Gold

In my testimony in support of the gold legal tender bill this year, I discussed failing pension funds. Retirees who count on their pension checks are being told that their monthly check will be reduced by up to 60%. This is devastating to them, obviously. What isn’t obvious is the cause. In the news coverage […]