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The 2024 Candidates VS the Fed

The 2024 Candidates VS the Fed

Jeff is joined by a panel of experts who dive into the 2024 Presidential Candidate’s opinions on the Fed and Monetary Policy. Comic Dave Smith joins to give his opinion on RFK, Vivek, and more! Connect with Jeff and Monetary Metals on Twitter: @JeffDeist @Monetary_Metals Additional Resources Upgrade to Gold 2.0 Vivek Ramaswamy Interview Theory […]

Understanding The US and Capital Controls

Capital Controls

On the latest Debased podcast episode Jeff Deist, Peter St Onge, and EJ Antoni discuss the US and the potential for capital controls and their consequences. How would bank runs, dollar hegemony, and risk premiums change? Will foreign investment into the US fall? Connect with EJ @RealEJAntoni and Peter St Onge @ProfStOnge Connect with Jeff […]

Moving from Gold-Redeemable to Irredeemable Currency

Moving from gold-redeemable to irredeemable currency

When we saw the following comment from a prominent otherwise-free-marketer, we knew it was time to write this article. “…the value of the Fed’s “liabilities”(which are so in name only) [scare quotes and parenthetic comment in original] bears only a very loose connection to the value of its assets.” This statement seems so simple. The […]

The Duality of Money, Report 10 Mar

This is a pair of photographs taken by Keith Weiner, for a high school project. It seemed a fitting picture for the dual nature of money, the dual nature of wood both as logs to be consumed and dimensional lumber to be used to construct buildings. Last week, in Is Capital Creation Beating Capital Consumption, […]